HOT OFF THE PRESS! (3 Jan 2018)

Teaching Matrix downloadable now – this supercedes all other notices before / individual teaching pages on this website which are usually updated soon after the latest matrix upload.


Matrix of Teaching 2018 Jan-June


Basic Surgical Skills

12th January 2018

All day session – 9-4.30pm

Venue: Kirklands

N=7 (usually 10-15)


Basic Pelvic Anatomy

19th January 2018


Co-ordinators – Dr M Allam, Dr K Guerrero, Mr M Mohasseb

Venue: Kirklands




Management of Early Pregnancy Problems and Outpatient Hyperemesis

19th January 2018

Co-ordinator – Dr  Marjory McLean (confirmed)


Venue: Ayrshire Maternity Unit, Crosshouse




Dilemmas in O&G – a series of cases

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Co-ordinators – Dr M Allam & Dr E Jarvie


Venue: Kirklands


Symposium – CTG interpretation (ST1-7)

26th January 2018


Co-ordinator – Dr E Ferguson

Venue: Kirklands

**maximum 20 spaces. Trainees must book a place with Kirklands in advance **



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