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Eventbrite pilot for regional teaching sessions

Across the year there are a number of teaching sessions provided as part of the regional teaching programme. Some of these have limited places and require you to request a place such as those in Kirklands or involving clinical simulation.  The majority of sessions, however, just require you to turn up either at Stobhill, PRM…
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The age of the lead employer dawns

Not everyone may be aware but from August 2018, all trainees in Scotland will have a regional lead employer.  For those training in the West of Scotland, our lead board will be NHS GGC.  This means that no matter which board you work in each year, your employment documents and pay details are coordinated by…
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New ePortfolio in 2019

To coincide with the new curriculum, a new ePortfolio will be launched in August 2019! I am reliably informed that it will have many capabilities that the current ePortfolio does not have, such as autofilling of some forms. Dr Brogan and Michelle Currie are the West of Scotland ePortfolio Champions and they will keep us…
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