The Committee

The purpose of the WAGS (West of Scotland Apprentice Gynaecologists) committee is to provide trainees with a voice on national training councils, to provide liason between trainees and the Deanery, to communicate with trainees and to organise social events.

Representatives from our WAGS committee are coopted into other committees. These include:

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialty Training Board

Chaired by the Head of School for O&G training in Scotland (Dr Claire Alexander) with representation from all four regions provided by the Training Programme Directors and trainees’ reps.  Concerned with provision of training, particularly advanced and subspecialty training as well as recruitment.  Meets four times per year.

Specialty Training Committee for the West of Scotland

Chaired by the Training Programme Director (Dr Phil Owen) with representation from each unit provided by the College Tutors.  Concerns with placements, ARCP and regional training matters.  Meets three times per year.

Education Subcommittee of the Specialty Training Committee

Chaired by Dr Aradhana Khaund with consultant and trainee representatives.  Responsible for the regional teaching programme.  Meets four times per year.

The Scottish RCOG Committee

This consists of the representatives of the Scottish Council, program directors and representatives from the East and West of Scotland Trainee’s Committees. Meetings discuss the specialty as a whole including Scottish meetings and courses, consultant expansion and training. Meets four times per year.

The National Trainees’ Committee

This consists of representatives from all trainees’ committees in the UK and discusses anything that is likely to impact on training in our specialty. Meets three times per year in London.

The committee are:

Chair & RCOG Trainees' RepRoseanna Metcalfe
Vice Chair & AMONGST RepEmily Frier
Secretary & Intermediate Trainee/LTFT RepChristy Lamont
Treasurer & Educational Events CoordinatorSrirupa Chakravorty
MentoringKirsty Wilson
CommunicationsCat Barlow
BMA RepJamie Nash
Medical Student/Foundation Doctor LiaisonDave Smith
ePortfolio ChampionMichelle Currie
Social SecretaryHeather Richardson
UKARCOG RepSarah McMinn
Ordinary MemberGordon Buchanan
Ordinary MemberJen Martin